Selecting the Right Forklift Tire

It’s easy to overlook the humble tire when it comes to maintaining a forklift. Choose the wrong tire, however, and you could end up with a dramatic increase in fleet operating costs or, worse yet, increased safety risks.

Choose the right one, and you can realize significant cost-savings, improved safety, and a more efficient operation. For example, a properly chosen tire can last 40 percent longer.

Making those right decisions can be difficult, because contrary to conventional wisdom, tires are very complex components. There are many brands, types, compounds and treads, which means you must be fully armed with data before making a purchase.

Here are some questions we typically ask our customers:

• What type of fuel (IC or electric)?

• What is your average and top speed of your forklift?

• How long is your typical run?

• What kind of problems are you experiencing with your tires now?

• Does your forklift operate over dock plates?

• On what types of surfaces do you operate your forklift?

• Is your forklift used for multiple shifts?

• What percent of time is your forklift loaded?

• How long is your typical run?

If you are evaluating tires for more than one forklift be prepared to answer the previous questions for each unit.

The key is finding the best fit for each of your forklift material-handling applications.

Working with a company that is knowledgeable about forklift tires can assist you in selecting the right application and optimize your fleets for performance.

We have been helping companies select the right tires for decades.

Give us a call today to discuss your tire performance and let us help you improve your bottom line!