All Types of Forklift Rentals Available, Gas, Diesel and L.P.G.
We offer a wide range machinery rentals, forklifts from 3,000 lbs to 15,500 lbs. If we do not have it, we will do our best to help you find it.


Our Only Goal Is To Insure Your Needs Are Met!

We have the forklift or lift equipment rental you need, when you need it. Whether it is a small gas or a large internal combustion forklift, you can count on the reliability of our well maintained equipment.

Knowing exactly what you need, how long you will need it and what you will need to be prepared for when renting forklifts and lift equipment is key to minimizing your costs.

Our forklift rental and forklift lease terms are based for your convenience and budget.

Daily, Weekly to Monthly or Yearly to Rent To Own Forklifts.

Our Rent-to-Own Forklift programs allows you, if you think the rental will become permanent, to lock in a fair price as you make sure the equipment meets all your needs.

We also have Forklift Operator Supplied Rentals.

If you are expecting a delivery of Stone, Lumber, or other building products to your business, home, or jobsite? We will offload it and get it into your yard or property.

We deliver and pickup on YOUR schedule.


All unites are inspected, before delivery, to be in perfect working condition and a complete safety inspection is performed. Complete user manuals and safety manuals are furnished with each unit.

Do You Need A License To Operate A Forklift?

The answer is a definite “yes,” per OSHA requirements. In addition to a license, you or your employee needs to be certified to use a forklift, and you need to authorize your employee to operate the forklift. OSHA license number is required upon scheduling rental.

Rental Terms and General Conditions